Administration Services

General Fund Management (1)

  • Act as liaison among all Fund service providers
  • Supply corporate secretarial services
  • Provide office facilities
  • Supply non-investment related statistical and research data, as needed
  • Coordinate the Trust’s Board of Trustees’ (Trustees) communication:
    • Establish meeting agendas
    • Prepare reports for the Trustees based on financial and administrative data
    • Evaluate independent auditor
    • Secure and monitor fidelity bond and Director and Officer Liability coverage, and make the necessary Securities and Exchange Commission (the SEC) filings relating thereto
    • Prepare minutes of meetings of the Board of Trustees and Fund shareholders
    • Recommend dividend declarations to the Board of Trustees; prepare and distribute to appropriate parties notices announcing declaration of dividends and other distributions to shareholders
    • Provide personnel to serve as officers of the Trust if so elected by the Board of Trustees, attend Board of Trustees meetings and present materials for Trustees’ review at such meetings
  • Audits
    • Prepare appropriate schedules and assist independent auditors
    • Provide information to the SEC and facilitate audit process
    • Provide office facilities
  • Assist in overall operations of the Trust
  • Pay Fund expenses upon written authorization from the Trust’s authorized signers
  • Monitor arrangements under shareholder services or similar plans
  • Assist with the “start-up” of new funds

(1) For our multiple series trusts, these services are shared with UMB Fund Services, our co-sponsor of the trusts.