Administration Services

Financial Reporting (1)

  • Provide financial data required by each Fund’s Prospectus and SAI
  • Prepare financial reports for officers, shareholders, tax authorities, performance-reporting companies, the Board of Trustees, the SEC and independent auditors
  • Supervise each Fund’s custodian and fund accountants in the maintenance of their general ledger and in the preparation of the financial statements, including oversight of expense accruals and payments, of the determination of net asset value of the Funds’ net assets and of the Funds’ shares, and of the declaration and payment of dividends and other distributions to shareholders
  • Compute the expense ratio of each class of each Fund, and each Fund’s portfolio turnover rate
  • Monitor the expense accruals and notify the Advisor’s management of any proposed adjustments
  • Prepare financial statements, as necessary, which include without limitation, the following items:
    • Schedule of Investments
    • Statement of Assets and Liabilities
    • Statement of Operations
    • Statement of Changes in Net Assets
    • Cash Statement, if required
  • Prepare quarterly broker security transaction summaries
  • Prepare quarterly schedule of investments for Form N-Q or Form N-PORT filing with the SEC

(1) For our multiple series trusts, these services are shared with UMB Fund Services, our co-sponsor of the trusts.